Myths of the removals

Good luck moving!!

Many times we think we can develop a move without planning. Planning is one of the keys to avoid stress when moving. Organize the move with our team the previous days.

A move does not consist in moving only the boxes from one location to another. One of the main problems with which we find ourselves is that many think that it is worth putting all the things in the boxes and / or the truck.

Experience tells us that we must be meticulous when it comes to organizing what we will put in the boxes and how we will place them in the truck, leaving for example the most fragile for the last to load and the first to download.

Other times, ignorance can make us spend bad times trying to dismantle and then assemble a piece of furniture that we have taken from one place to another, trust professionals who help you transport your precious objects!

The price of a move varies for many reasons, the volume that must be transported, the accesses of the portal in each location, the type of street …

Our team of professionals will give you a final price once they know all the information: if they need a lift, if they must request permits because they have to use a piece of the sidewalk or the street.

One of the biggest fears that someone has to move is that the people who are responsible for doing so can break or ruin their personal belongings.

Perhaps this false myth comes from the number of pirates who do it very cheaply, without taking into account other types of variables. And is that these false professionals do not care about your things, but earn a little money.

In Legaspi Sella Mudanzas we guarantee that your objects will be transported without suffering damage, first of all we take a look and take pictures of the state of the furniture or the objects that we are going to transport, because after all they are our responsibility during the time Of transport.

When we are going to make a move we can think that by asking for a few boxes in a supermarket it will be good for us to transport our things, however, it must be done with sense, in Legaspi Sella Mudanzas we have different sizes and formats to pack your things.

We can take care of the packing or leave the boxes so that in your free time you can prepare things according to the indications that we give you.

Our furniture storage service is guarded 24 hours a day, we have different sizes so that you can store all your things during the time you need, without risks and without surprises of last minute.

In addition we collect after all the boxes to recycle them.

Although many have had bad experiences with other moving companies, in Legaspi Sella Mudanzas we have a team of qualified professionals for the assembly and disassembly of furniture, the transport with care of your personal objects and that also will advise you on how it is better to do the move.

The first step is to request a budget, tell us what you need to move, from and to where.

One of our technicians will come to you to check all the variables that can influence when making a move. We will provide you with a detailed budget and we will do a preliminary planning between them to avoid unforeseen events and last minute surprises.