Furniture repository

We have several warehouses for storage, which is usually done in individual compartments of several m3. These containers are deposited in closed warehouses and monitored 24 hours a day; protected with the most modern devices, such as fire alarms, robbery, flood … Also, we have closed circuit TV and video surveillance, connected with the Security Forces.

This modern furniture storage system is complemented by a careful packaging, made in your own home, with which the material leaves your house inventoried and sealed, to ensure the greatest possible safety.

We also create an inventory with a copy for the client in which facilitates the task of quick search.

We also take care of saving documents, files and works of art with maximum guarantees and availability when the client so requires.

The furniture storage service can be very useful when all the furniture in the new home of destination can not fit, a house has been sold and there is no place to leave the belongings or during the renovations in the house, in order not to damage the objects. It is also very useful for companies that do not want to occupy space in their offices with a large amount of furniture or documentation.

In fact, a furniture repository is a warehouse exclusively intended for the custody of furniture and household or office appliances, whether appliances, paintings, clothing or books, for relatively long periods of time.

The process is simple. In most cases, after an inventory of the objects by an operator, they are packed and loaded in containers or delimited spaces to subsequently seal them in the presence of the customer.

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