When making a move it is essential to pack the objects safely, which will ensure that they will not suffer any risk of breakage during the trip. Among the basic tips when packing our belongings, it is essential to hire a professional removal company specialized in moving packaging, using the best materials available on the market and the most resistant, and take into account when package that: we must make each package according to the fragility of each product in particular, the right use being the following:

  • Strong cardboard boxes of different sizes for different types of objects, such as dishes, books, clothes, furniture and lamps. These cardboard boxes will always be double corrugated cardboard, which protects the objects as much as possible.
  • Tissue paper to protect fragile and delicate porcelain objects.
  • Covers, blankets and kraft paper to protect the entire surface of the furniture.
  • Plastic wrap with air bubbles, ideal for fragile ornaments
  • Packaging and adhesive tapes in PVC for objects that require great resistance in their transport.
  • Packaging and antistatic material, special for computer equipment and components, as well as for all types of household appliances.