Removals for individuals

In LEGASPI SELLA MUDANZAS, we have been moving to private individuals for more than 30 years. With this line of business the activity of the company began and, since then, we have maintained a constant development to improve the techniques of handling, packaging and transport in a permanent search to optimize the quality of our services.

We have the best professionals in the sector, to offer the maximum guarantee in national transfers at very competitive prices.

In a move it is very important to take into account the aspect of sensitivity that involves handling furniture and personal belongings that have been acquired over the years. A high degree of specialization is required to obtain an optimal result.

We know how to do it and we manage each transfer with the greatest delicacy. We are very aware that each move is different and we carry out a preliminary technical inspection as an essential step to offer an individualized and special treatment in each case.

Request a quote without obligation

A simple telephone call to 985 331 337 or the online budget request is enough to start the process. Immediately an adviser is sent to the address, which evaluates the various particulars of the transfer.

When the client approves the budget, a team of professionals will move to the residence of origin on the reserved date. Our team will take care of disassembling and perfectly packing furniture and other objects to transport them by land, air or sea to their new location, according to the needs of each move.

Once at the destination home, the unpacking and subsequent assembly of all the elements included in the signed budget will be carried out and the new home will be ready to be inhabited.

Mudanzas particulares en Gijón

Removals for companies

In Legaspi Sella Mudanzas we have the latest technology in the market to carry out the transfer of offices, companies, libraries or archives in optimal conditions and the shortest possible time. We have specialists in fragile elements such as computer equipment, electronic equipment, television, etc …

With the relocation of offices, planning is very important so that the operability of the client company is not interrupted.

Plan: save time and avoid for commercial activity

Based on the data provided by the technical inspection prior to the service, a logistic plan is drawn up that defines the technical treatment of each of the objects to be moved, the most convenient dates for the client company, the time of completion and the provision of necessary technical and human resources. Once the budget is accepted, the transfer is made according to said plan.

Some examples of removals for companies that we carry out include:

Small move
Removals door to door
Urgent removals
Moving companies
Office removals
Industrial moving
File moving
Moving library
Moving of laboratories, pharmacies
Combined moving
Moving art
Transport of valuables
Transportation of antiques
Special transports of furniture, pianos, exhibitions
Multi-tonnage vehicles
Distribution and logistics of new furniture

Demand professionalism in your move, the professionalism that we guarantee.

Call us now, do not wait any longer, and you will receive a budget adjusted to your needs