elevators and mountables

In Legaspi Sella Mudanzas we have the most modern technology in elevators by facade. These elevators allow both the descent and the rise of furniture from your floor to the truck, sometimes directly.


  • Reduces the risk of breakage in furniture and stairs
  • Reduce the time of completion of the service
  • Moving is cheaper
  • Avoid inconvenience to neighbors

Demand professionalism in your move, the professionalism that we guarantee. Call us now, do not wait any longer, and you will receive a budget adjusted to your needs.

Not all articles by their design and characteristics can go out the door of your house, so we have the necessary infrastructure to move it through your window with the help of a facade lift, we can have elevators of different heights (up to 27 meters) to ensure a comfortable and safe move.

We have several types to meet your needs:

  • Removable furniture crane, ideal for narrow streets and interior courtyards. It has the particularity that its assembly is by sections, so it can be used on any street or courtyard, however narrow its access. It can also reach 18 meters (usually a fifth floor) and supports a load of up to 200 kg
  • Crane movable trailer, the most requested. Powered by electric motor, reach of 21 meters (6 floors approximately), and load up to 200 kg.
  • Crane mountable truck, perfect for work of height. It reaches a maximum height of 27 meters (9 floors) and loads up to 300 kg. It is powered by a gasoline engine or electric network.

We also rent machines for hours with an operator to upload your move if you need it, call us without commitment and ask us for a budget.

La mudanza con elevador es más económica